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The Township Building Official is in charge of administering and enforcing the Michigan Building Codes. The Building Official reviews plans, issues permits and inspects and maintains records on all construction projects in the Township.

Building Permits

The following information is required to be submitted to the Township before a building permit can be issued. If you have questions, contact the Township Building Inspector at (616) 399-6121.

  • Well/Water Approval and Sewage Disposal System. Permits for private wells and septic systems from Ottawa County Environmental Health Department required: phone 616-393-5645. Permits for water and sewer in the Tradewinds and The Corners developments are issued by Ottawa County Road Commission Public Utilities Department: phone 616-850-7207.
  • Proof of Ownership. If not already in township records, a legal document will be required for a recent transfer of ownership.
  • Site Plan. Location of building and sewage system on property (per ordinance set backs for front, side & rear yards). Show existing and proposed buildings on the property and measurements between buildings and the distance from the proposed structure to all property lines.
  • Building Plans. Provide two sets, one of which will be returned with the building permit. Drawings must show floor plans, elevations, a typical wall section and all building materials planned, with size and spacing of each.
  • Truss Design. If floor or roof trusses are used, detailed truss drawings supplied by the truss designer and/or supplier must be submitted.
  • Cost. Total cost of project, including all labor.
  • Builders License. A copy of the contractor’s Michigan State Registered Builders License.
  • Driveway Permit. Must be obtained for all driveways off of public roads from the Ottawa County Road Commission: phone 616-842-5400.
  • Street Numbers are issued by the township assessor. Please submit a site plan showing the house location on the site, and your contact information to the township office.
  • Critical Dunes. High Risk Erosion Areas, Wetlands and Floodplains. Applies only to some lake and river front properties. Permits from Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) when required must be submitted. Phone 616-356-0207.
  • Soil Erosion Permit. This is required for all properties within 500 feet of a lake or stream. Call 616-994-4528.
  • Michigan Energy Calculations. Information must be provided that shows that all current state requirements are met.

Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing

As of April 1, 2015, permit fees for electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits are as follows:

Electrical (new homes)

[Download Application]

  • Without temporary $180 (3 inspections, service, rough, final)
  • With temporary $240 (4 inspections)

Mechanical (new homes)

[Download Application]

  • Furnace only $120 (2 inspections)
  • Note: There is a special fee for multiple units. Please call the Township for details.

Fireplace $120 (2 inspections)

  • Note: There is a special fee for multiple units. Please call the Township for details.

Additional inspections (underground, radiant heat, etc.)

  • $60 each
  • Furnace replacements typically require 1 inspection ($60)

Plumbing (new homes)

[Download Application]

  • Without underground $120 (2 inspections)
  • With underground $180 (3 inspections)
  • New homes in “The Corners” and “Tradewinds” require 4 plumbing inspections ($240)

Remodeling Job:

  • This covers any other work – new electrical service, etc.) permit fees are $60 per inspection.

The Township will send a bill at $60 per inspection for any inspections not covered by the original permit fee (such as re-inspections). This means if at the time the Township receives the final inspection report and there have been more inspections completed that what was paid for, you will be billed.

Permit applications must be filled out completely, with the work to be done itemized. Permit fees are based only on the number of inspections necessary, not the itemized work. Be to sign the application and return the entire form to the Township Hall. If approved, the white copy will be returned to you as a permit with a permit number and the phone number of the Township Building Inspector.

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