Howard Baumann, Supervisor

The Township Supervisor is an elected position with a term of 4 years.

The Supervisor is the moderator of Township Board meetings, is the Secretary to the Board of Review and the Township’s legal agent. The Supervisor must maintain records of the Supervisor’s office. The Supervisor is responsible for tax allocation, the board budget as well as developing the Township budget. The Supervisor appoints some commission members, serves on the election commission and is authorized to call special meetings. The Supervisor may appoint a deputy.  These all statutory duties required by the State of Michigan.

In addition to sweeping the Township bike paths, the Port Sheldon Township Supervisor tends to many additional things on a day to day basis. As additional paid duties assigned by the Township, our Supervisor is also the Liquor License Inspector and Township Cemetery Sexton.

The Supervisor’s office is located at the Township Office, 16201 Port Sheldon St, West Olive, MI 49460 and can be contacted at (616) 399-6121.