Public Notices

Zoning Board of Appeals

Please take notice that a Public Hearing will be held on Wednesday July 10th, 2019 at 6pm, at the Port Sheldon Township Hall, 16201 Port Sheldon Street, West Olive, Michigan. The public hearing is for the Port Sheldon Township Zoning Board of Appeals to hear and consider the following matter:

  1. The request of Eric Anderle for a variance from Section 5.03( C ) of the Port Sheldon Township Zoning Ordinance – parcel # 70-11-04-180-013, address: 17229 Sheldon Dunes Drive, West Olive MI.

Any persons interested in these matters may appear at such hearings in person or by agent or attorney.

Written comments will be received at the Township Office until the night of the hearing. Copies of the application and other documentation are on file at the township office for public inspection during regular business hours.  Direct phone inquiries to the Port Sheldon Township Building and Zoning Administrator at 616-399-6121. Individuals with disabilities requiring auxiliary aids or services should contact the Township by calling 616-399-6121.

Teresa De Graaf, Clerk