Planning Commission

The Port Sheldon Township Planning Commission is comprised of seven members:

Josh Van Malsen, Chairman
Duke DeLeeuw, Vice Chairman
Lori Stump, Secretary
Bill Monhollon, Township Board Representative
Delwyn Petroelje
Nicole Timmer
David Van Ginhoven

Meetings of the Planning Commission are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month (except November/December), at 6:00 PM in the Port Sheldon Township Hall.

Archived meeting minutes are available here.

2019 Meeting Schedule

Wednesday, January 23 (minutes)
Wednesday, February 27 (minutes)
Wednesday, March 27 (minutes)
Wednesday, April 24
Wednesday, May 22
Wednesday, June 26
Wednesday, July 24
Wednesday, August 28
Wednesday, September 25
Wednesday, October 23
Wednesday, December 4

2018 Meeting Schedule

Wednesday, January 24 (minutes)
Wednesday, February 28 (minutes)
Wednesday, March 28 (minutes)
Wednesday, April 25 (minutes)
Wednesday, May 23 (minutes)
Wednesday, June 27 (cancelled)
Wednesday, July 25 (minutes)
Wednesday, August 22 (minutes)
Wednesday, September 26 (cancelled)
Wednesday, October 24 (minutes)
Wednesday, October 31 (special meeting (minutes)
Wednesday, December 19 (minutes)