Planning and Zoning

Eric Davis, Zoning Administrator

The Township’s Planning and Zoning department guides growth and development in the Township.

The Zoning Administrator is appointed by the Township Board and his responsibilities are carried out under the direction of the Township Board and Planning Commission.  The Zoning Administrator is in charge of the administration and enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance.

In addition to these duties, the Port Sheldon Township Zoning Administrator is also the building official.  This means he processes applications for building and zoning permits, reviews plans, and conducts site inspection for compliance with the Township Zoning Ordinance and Building Code.

The Zoning Administrator/Building Official’s office is located at the Township Office, 16201 Port Sheldon St, West Olive, MI 49460 and can be contacted at (616) 399-6121.

Planning and Zoning documents and ordinances can be found here, and application forms can be found here.