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Building Permits

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Additional information is available at the building department.

Wood Boilers

On March 12, 2009, the Port Sheldon Township Board adopted an Ordinance to regulate outdoor wood boilers, including those existing prior to adoption of the new Ordinance.  Click here to view it.

When submitting an application for outdoor wood boilers, include a site plan that gives the measured distances from your wood boiler to all the points listed in Section 3 of the Ordinance.  You can use the site plan area on the application, or a separate sheet to show these distances.

At least three (3) inspections of a wood boiler are required:

  1. The township building inspector must inspect the site
  2. The mechanical inspector must inspect the unit itself
  3. The electrical inspector must inspect the electrical hookup.

You must obtain mechanical and electrical permits as well as the Township outdoor wood boiler permit.  If you use the wood boiler to heat your water, you will also need a plumbing permit and inspection. The fee for each permit/inspection is $50.  Click here to obtain an application form.

Please contact the Township building inspector if you have questions at (616) 399-6121